Programs & Degrees

The Engineering, Design & Society programs and degrees are designed to educate students in engineering and develop professional competencies enabling them to…


…perform engineering design on projects characterized by complexity in their technologies and the social, policy, economic and environmental settings in which they operate,…

…conduct community diplomacy to contextualize and shape their engineering designs for sustainability and beneficial assimilation in their surroundings, and…

…integrate social and technical considerations in engineering project development.


We offer degree-granting, minor, and thematic programs that comprise of science, engineering, the humanities and social sciences – and their integration in the methodology of design. Students may choose from the following programs.

Design Engineering 


This bachelors program is a renaissance and human-centric degree with curricular themes in fundamental science and engineering, in humanities, social science, economics and business, a student-chosen contemporary technical focus area with strong societal implications, and a multi-year design studio that progressively integrates these themes in complex project settings. 

Graduates of this degree program will:

  • have depth in science and engineering, exhibiting competence in a specialty technical area achieved through rigorous study and experiential engineering design
  • have depth in the humanities and social sciences, exhibiting competence in social assimilation of technology achieved through rigorous study and experiential community diplomacy
  • have the intellectual and behavioral agility to merge these competencies, shifting seamlessly among competing perspectives, and exhibiting creativity and perceptivity when resolving complexities implicit in project design
  • have the presentation agility to communicate convincingly in multiple audience settings, exhibiting analytical specificity in descriptive discourse and principled credibility in deliberative discourse
  • have a professional and ethical grounding, exhibiting the values of integrity, inclusiveness, and equity of purpose among stakeholders
  • establish a reputation as impact-makers, innovators and design-thinkers

Humanitarian Engineering

The Humanitarian Engineering program at the Colorado School of Mines brings together engineering and social science professors to transform engineering by changing the ways engineers are taught to think, define, and solve problems. We offer two undergraduate minors, one in Engineering for Community Development (ECD) and one in Leadership in Social Responsibility (LSR), empower faculty to transform their teaching, bring world class speakers to Mines, and conduct research that addresses some of the biggest challenges facing engineers.

Mines Cornerstone Design & Capstone Design

This program is a coordinated sequence of courses that are incrementally sophisticated in developing creativity and a problem-solving mentality in the design of useful and beneficial products and processes, uniting a technical dimension characterized by ‘what’ and ‘how’ with a social dimension characterized by ‘who’ and ‘why’ and organized into introductory Cornerstone Design and upper level Capstone Design project experiences.