Engineering, Design, & Society

Join us to become a leader and innovator through real-world design experiences that serve communities while promoting sustainability, social responsibility, and justice

Design @ Mines

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Using Design Concepts to Solve Complex, Open-Ended Problems

Humanitarian Engineering

Striving to Co-Create Just & Sustainable Solutions for Communities Around the World

The BSE Program

Gain Knowledge & Experience Across Multiple Disciplines of Engineering


We offer degree-granting, minor, and thematic programs that comprise of science, engineering, the humanities, and social sciences, as well as their integration in the methodology of design. 

\ B.S. Engineering
\ Design@Mines
\ M.S. Humanitarian Engineering


Our team is dedicated to promoting inclusiveness and respect among students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders in everything we do.  We believe that people, with their creativity, varied intellectual capabilities, sentiments, beliefs, and cultural traditions, are the central players in understanding complex problems and scoping just, viable solutions. 




To change the way engineering is taught, learned and practiced, including what it means to be an engineer and how engineers define and solve problems through flexible degree offerings and programs focused on real-world design experiences that emphasize the social, economic, and environmental contexts of engineering.


To engage in research, education, and outreach that inspires and empowers engineers and applied scientists to become innovative and impactful leaders in sociotechnical problem definition, solution, and design. EDS graduates change the world around them by promoting sustainability, socially-responsible engineering, and justice in their workplace and their communities through the technologies they develop.


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